Friday, March 15, 2013



The New Economics Movement (NEMO) is a vision to create an alliance of all organisations, foundations, institutes, think tanks, authors, activists, speakers and writers promoting a ‘new economics’. More specifically, its aim is to promote such an alliance in order for it to prepare to engage in active political campaigning at election times. This will be done by cooperatively funding  individuals prepared to independently campaign for election – whether under the rubric of a newly registered political party, as independents, or as independently-minded members of existing parties who support the principal goal of the New Economics Movement, i.e. abolishing the monopoly of commercial banks on new money creation and instead restoring the power of governments to directly create and issue money for public spending without borrowing from commercial banks.  A key role of the New Economics Movement will be to provide copywriting support for on- and off-line electoral campaigning in a language that the ordinary voter can understand, and that serves to expose in simple terms the entrenched belief that government spending is dependent solely on taxation or borrowing. In addition, the New Economics Movement has prepared an outline strategy for fighting back against ‘austerity terrorism’ – the class war of the rich against the poor - and building a fully public ‘National People’s Bank’ from the ground up. This will be done through the free issue and distribution of a new form of national currency not based on debt or taxation - and not redeemable in official currency.  All individuals, groups and organisations wishing to form part of a ‘New Economics Alliance’ on which a New Economics Movement can be founded and its key strategy pursued – freely distributing a new national currency -  may contact me either directly ( ) or through this provisional website of The New Economics Movement.


Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson - Modernising Money: Why Our Monetary System is Broke and How to Fix It 

Joseph Huber and James Robertson – Creating New Money (pdf)

Stephen Zarlenga - The Lost Science of Money

Michael Rowbotham The Grip of Death

Ellen Brown The Web of Debt

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